Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment


Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoids are a painful condition caused due to the clotting of veins in the anal region. A person affected by this problem has to make sure that the condition is attended to immediately. Thrombosed hemorrhoid is a condition when hemorrhoid has ruptured or grown to a great extent. This is a technical term for this condition. Symptoms of a Thrombosed treatment include the feeling of a sensitive tissue protruding from the anal region. This causes a lot of difficulty in movement and is a health and hygiene concern for the one affected. This treatment involves a certain amount of special care.

The Treatment

Treating Thrombosed hemorrhoidal conditions requires patience, time, and tact. There are many ways of doing it, but the natural, remedies are the safest and the easiest ones, which help the hemorrhoids, be in place, and not grow any further. So instead of immediate surgery, one can try to rectify the conditions and choose some simple home solutions that could help relieve the pain to a great deal.

Dietary Change

Amongst the many ways of treating, dietary change is necessary to treat this condition. Quick and easy change in the diet is what is required to treat this swelling in the anal region. Add more fiber to your diet and drink a lot of water. This would help to drain the toxins in your body and pave the way for a better and cleaner digestive tract. This will prevent you from straining and thus relieve you of your problem.

Sitz Bath

A Sitz bath always helps, and this is one simple method of Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment. A Sitz bath ensures that you have more hygiene in the anal region and reduces the pain and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. After your Sitz bath, apply an ice pack in the area. This is a method of applying hot and cold to a particular part of the body. This hot and cold compression would reduce the blood flow and help it to shrink over a period.

Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment involves lot of patience and caution. Make sure you get it treated, as it would compound more pain otherwise.

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