How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids At Home


What Are Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids involve a lot of painful swelling that can appear in the veins surrounding the anal region. Sometimes it is also known as ‘piles.’ This problem is a fairly common condition, and a lot of people are susceptible to this condition at some point. They are caused as a consequence of excessive pressure in the abdomen. Pregnant women are more susceptible.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Basically, there are two types of hemorrhoids.

  1. Internal hemorrhoids: – internal hemorrhoids are a clotting of blood which is present inside the rectum.
  2. External hemorrhoids: -External hemorrhoids occur around the rectal area. If they get a blood clot under the skin, they can turn into a hard swelling. This type is known as thrombosis Hemorrhoids. (Thrombosis is the formation of the blood clot in a person’s heart or in one of their Vessels and can lead to death in extreme cases.)

Home Treatments to Get Rid of From Hemorrhoids

At the initial stage, hemorrhoids can be treated at home. We can use different methods to reduce its pain, itching, and swelling. The following ways can be used to get more relief.

  1. Keep the surroundings clean: – it is painful to wipe the affected area, but by doing this we can get more relief.
  2. Use topical treatments:-
    • Use ointments and creams.
    • We can use aloe-Vera plant directly or in the gel form.
    • White vinegar can also be used as a home treatment. It can help to reduce itching and burning. You can use it by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar.
  1. Drink more water: -Drink minimum 8 glasses of water in a day.
  2. Eat more fiber: -Fiber can also be a treatment. It works as a soft soother for hemorrhoids.
  3. Use Luke-warm water for soaking: -Warm water is very effective for any type of swelling or itching.
  4. Use ice pack: -Cold water can decrease the swelling and pain. Set the pack on the area at least for 15 minutes. To get more relief we can use this method twice in a day.
  5. Avoid toilet paper: -dry toilet paper can only aggravate the irritation. Use wet wipes rather than the rough toilet paper.

On the whole, ‘we can say the prevention is better than cure. If we avoid tight clothing in summer months’and maintain personal hygiene, hemorrhoids. But if anyone has this problem the above home treatments can be used to get relief from hemorrhoids.


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