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How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last


Anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids would know that it is an intensely painful and troublesome condition. It is certainly not known how long people suffer them and exactly how long do hemorrhoids last. Hemorrhoids are a condition when the veins get swollen in the anal region. These can be internal or external and cause a lot pain and itching. Some changes in lifestyle could control and relieve you of the problems. There are so many conditions that affect hemorrhoids so let us see what these are and how we could handle them.

Time For Healing

Hemorrhoids result in bleeding and form very hard lumps, in the anal area. The person is thus irritated and restless. Only timely efforts could help in curing this problem. The time taken for hemorrhoids to heal depends on many factors. Usually the time taken is around a fortnight. If they are external, then hemorrhoids are small, but then they start multiplying and they get bigger and more in number. The more the number of hemorrhoids, the more time it takes to heal. Internal hemorrhoids usually are found in the rectal region and cannot be seen or felt. They are painless and are normally found when they bleed with the bowels. They may protrude, or they may prolapse through the anus.

External And Internal Hemorrhoids

Thus to know how long do hemorrhoids last, one should have a basic understanding of where they are located. External hemorrhoids are usually swollen, and cause clotting of blood, within the veins. This is what causes the pain. An internal hemorrhoid could get healed in a week whereas an external hemorrhoid could take more than two months to heal. The time period of healing is dependent on the actual strategies of treatment that are adopted.

External Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

For those who get it the first time, it is difficult to say the time period hemorrhoids last. The experience gets worse as you get them again and again. Sometimes Hemorrhoid occurs during pregnancy, and there are home remedies, which help them. Yet, if the problem persists, it is better getting medicated for it. The external hemorrhoids disappear after the nine months are over.

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