External Hemorrhoid Treatment



All That You Need To Know About External Hemorrhoid Treatment’

External hemorrhoids develop near the anus and are extremely painful, usually even more painful than the internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles also causes significant discomfort to carry on regular activities. External hemorrhoids are covered proximately by anoderm and distally by the skin, both of which are highly sensitive to pain and temperature. The blood vessels within external hemorrhoid can rupture and cause bleeding. It can also cause a hard, painful lump of blood called thrombosed. Immediate external hemorrhoid treatment is the best way to reduce the discomfort and get back to the normal life.

Implement changes in diet and lifestyle

The first line in the external hemorrhoid treatment is implementing changes and corrective measures into the diet and daily routine. An external hemorrhoid is a condition caused due to over straining of anal tissues for fecal movement and discharge. A proper diet filled with fibers and lots of water can certainly be helpful for normal bowel formation and easy discharge. Regular exercising and staying away from processed first foods can be extremely helpful for normal bowel movement without causing any extra strain on the rectal tissues. If the stage of the condition is not well advanced, implementing the above changes into the lifestyle can be the best treatment for external hemorrhoid.

Medical treatments

For a more advanced stage of external hemorrhoid taking repeated warm sitz baths and application of topical medicines can be quite helpful. Painkillers and laxatives are also prescribed for treating the condition effectively.’ Medicines are given to reduce the pain and discomfort, and if there is no more new straining the wound automatically heal with time. However, if the condition is in third or fourth stage seeking for immediate invasive medical help might be necessary. Apart from the traditional surgery, some minimally invasive procedures are now available for external hemorrhoid treatment. These techniques are less painful than the traditional hemorrhoid removal, and the recovery time is also less. Amongst these techniques, banding is considered as one of the most effective processes. In this method, the protruding hemorrhoid is ligated with a small elastic band around the base. It causes hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off with time. It takes a total of two to four procedures which are arranged six to eight weeks apart, to, completely remove hemorrhoid.

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