All About Hemorrhoid Treatment At Home



  • The first home treatment is to include whole grains and leafy vegetables in your regular diet chart. This provides enough fibers that help in bowel formation and movement. It can successively reduce straining at the time of stool movement thus removing the basic reason for hemorrhoids. You can also include fiber supplements in your diet like flax seeds and psyllium. Husks can also be highly helpful in regularizing bowel movements.
  • Oil, spices, processed foods should be reduced from the daily diet; instead, the’high amount of fresh fruits should be included. The patient also needs to increase the daily fluid consumption as it acts as a lubricator for a bowel movement.
  • Medicinal herbs with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties can be very helpful to relieve the symptoms of the condition such as pain and itching. Fruits of Terminaliachebulawork as a great astringent and can be quite effective to aid the bowel movement when taken regularly before retiring to bed. The common antiseptic ‘neem’ also provides some quick relief.
  • Another medicinal herb known as ‘witch hazel’ can also be quite effective for curing any digestive disorder and constipation. The natural constituents of the herb serve as an anti-inflammatory agent providing relief to the condition.
  • Repeated warm showers and warm sitz baths can be an effective hemorrhoid treatment at home.
  • Regular exercising and yoga increase blood flow in the body thus helps in normal bowel movement and can be an effective home treatment for hemorrhoids.
  • A mixture of 2 teaspoons of grated radish and one teaspoon honey when consumed twice a day can reduce the inflammation and pain caused due to hemorrhoids.
  • An equal amount of lime, mint and ginger decoction mixed along with a tablespoon of honey can be helpful for normal bowel movement.
  • Sesame seeds have some great pain relieving capacity. After boiling the sesame seeds in water, it can be taken as a drink to relieve the condition.

The list of hemorrhoid treatment at home is not exhaustive.’ There are even more home treatments that can prove equally beneficial for treating the condition effectively.

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