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Get The Best Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Once you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids, keep one thing in mind, that hemorrhoid usually does not go away entirely without taking the help of more invasive procedures, but they can get much better to be lived with, and surgery is suggested only as a last measure. A proper course of treatment for hemorrhoids can be immensely helpful to get them better to a state so that you do not feel their painful existence anymore.

Treatments for hemorrhoids

  • Diet

Diet is considered as the best treatment for hemorrhoids. A fiber-rich diet can be the best medicine to cure the condition. A diet with lots of leafy vegetables can be a way beneficial for treating and resolving the condition naturally. Intake of fluids is another essential part. Fluids help and provide lubrication for the bowel movement, so drinking lots of water every day is necessary.

  • Warm sitz bath

Patients with hemorrhoids can also get the benefit from repeated warm sitz baths, and it is a time-tested therapy. Sitting in about three inches of warm water for 15 minutes for several times a day can be helpful for reducing the swelling and relaxing the sphincter muscles. The therapy also helps in bowel movement.

  • Medicines

Tylenol is often prescribed to reduce the discomfort. Topical creams and lotions are also suggested.

Usually, the condition gets better within two weeks after following the above measures, but in case the symptoms persist with the same intensity either of the following procedure is suggested.

  • Injection: Internal hemorrhoids can be treated with some medicinal injection that creates the scar and closes hemorrhoid.
  • Sealing: This treatment is best suggested for prolapsed hemorrhoids. In this process, the hemorrhoid is sealed by using a laser beam or electric probe.
  • Banding: This is a simple procedure undertaken for treating hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid is ligated using a tiny band which stops the inflow of blood to hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid naturally shrinks and falls off within a week.
  • Surgery: Traditional surgery of hemorrhoid called hemorrhoidectomy, is taken as a last measure for large internal hemorrhoids or extremely uncomfortable external hemorrhoids that do not seem to respond by any other treatment.

Removal of hemorrhoids is an effective measure in the treatment for hemorrhoids. However, unless significant changes are made into food habits, and life style hemorrhoids can recur.

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