Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids


A Sitz bath hemorrhoids treatment is the best remedy for the problems of hemorrhoids. The itching and the pain around the area would ensure that you could have an inexpensive and easy process that helps in cleansing and healing. It is the best way of alleviating the symptoms of hemorrhoids and cures all the pain that is involved in the problem of hemorrhoids. Usually Sitz bath for Hemorrhoids is the easiest method adopted to relieve one of these problematic conditions in the anal region.

Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

How to do it
Take a bathtub, a plastic Sitz bath, and a shallow pool. Get the Sitz bath at any drug store and ensure that it is clean and hygienic. The plastic boots snugly fit in the toilet, which allows a steady flow of warm water along with the overflow that goes into the toilet. Fill the bath to a point where you find the water is quite deep enough to fit in your hips. The water should be warm and not quite hot. Sit in this warm water and allow yourself to relax for half an hour. This is usually recommended for curing the hemorrhoids problem, and you can do it many times in a week.

Advantages of the Sitz bath
The Sitz bath helps you to relax and relieves the pain in the anal area. The blood flow lessens due to the bath and the clotting of the veins is kept under check. The rectal area is cleaned, and the heart increases the blood circulation thus healing the delicate tissues involved in the hemorrhoid region.

Care and Caution
There are a lot of care and caution that you should take to ensure that area of hemorrhoids is not left wet. Dry the area delicately and do it with the help of a cotton towel. Pat it dry, do not rub the area, as it is extremely delicate, and would get red due to friction. A better option is to air dry the area. You could also alternate between a hot Sitz bath and a cold Sitz bath for hemorrhoids relief.

Sitz bath for hemorrhoids is an excellent treatment for curing one of these problems and involves adding water and Epsom salts.

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