Proven Ways To Lower Hemorrhoid Pain By Natural Methods


Hemorrhoid Pain

The occurrence of Hemorrhoids is a condition where the veins surrounding the anal region got swollen and ruptured causing bleeding and extreme discomfort and pain. Technically, the hemorrhoids are the base like structures that help in easy movement of stool through the anal ducts. The inflammation of vessel cells not only restricts the normal stool movement but also causes a great deal of pain. You can easily Google out about what does hemorrhoid pain feel like, and you will get lots of material regarding this, explaining it as burning, itchy sensation along with pinching pain in the outer anal region. But, there are effective treatments too.

Icing Methods

The person who has suffered the condition needs no introduction to what does hemorrhoid pain feel like? So, it also understands the value of gaining quick relief. The best way to ease out the pain is to apply the ice on the affected area. The icing can be applied using a soft cotton cloth, soft tissue paper or directly in the form of ice tub bath. But, make sure that ice cubes are small, soft and free of any sharp edges. The cool ice cubes will help to numb the area with water and allow vessel cells to restore to their natural formation to cure hemorrhoid.

Hot Water Treatment

Although it might sound little contrasting to the above treatment, hot water bath helps hemorrhoid pain to be alleviated. For this, it is important that the bathtub is filled with hot (lukewarm) water. Take a relaxing bath for about 10 to 12 minutes with hip joint completely submerged in hot water. Experts suggest adding a few drops of Witch Hazel liquid so that it can also help to cure hemorrhoid gradually. After all, the victims have a good idea of what does hemorrhoid pain feel like?

Extra Tips

Bioflavonoid fruits act as the natural supplements in curing hemorrhoid. The bioflavonoid reduces the pain, improves the blood flow in the vessel cells, which in turn helps in restoring the natural state of hemorrhoid vessels. The watery fruits will soften the stool. Also, fruits are fiber, which promises the easy movement of stool, thus, bringing down the pain. Even a single bit of pain relief is a big aid.

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