Proven Natural Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment At Home


Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment

active thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment at home? Fortunately, there is a way to treat hemorrhoids effectively right at home.

Sitz Bath

Prepare hot water and fill it in a bath tub. Make sure that water is not too warm to take a bath. Also, ensure that the water level is high enough that it covers the waist joint when you sit in the bathtub. Also, make sure that the base of the bathtub is soft enough to sit upon. Sit in the bathtub with hip joint submerged. Do this at least for 10 to 15 minutes daily. This will give relief from the pain along with improving the blood circulation to heal the hemorrhoid tissues. This is one of the best thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment at home. Experts often suggest adding a handful of Epsom Salt in the water as it acts as natural anti ‘ inflammatory compound that effectively reduces the itching and burning sensation. Also, the Witch Hazel liquid can also be added to the bath to enhance its medical properties.


The Icing is one of the oldest ways to heal hemorrhoids pain naturally. It provides instant relief from the pain and also numbs the area which helps in healing of tissue cells in the veins. The icing can be done using a soft tissue paper or a soft cotton cloth. Also, individuals can also take a sitz bath in the tub full of ice. However, it must be kept in mind that ice cubes are small in size and do not have any sharp edges or pointed corners.

Apart from the above thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment at home, eating lots of fiber-rich fruits also help in reducing the pain during the bowel moments by softening the stool.

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