How to Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids Fast




Often, the external hemorrhoids cause intense pain, especially after a bowel moment. The external hemorrhoids are much painful when compared to internal ones. The harsh wiping, sturdy exercises and activities like walking often enhance the trouble. So, what is the best cure for this? How can one get relief from external hemorrhoids? Here are some of the most effective treatments that can cure hemorrhoids within a few days with a sure shot cure.


Surgery is the only method through which you can eliminate the hemorrhoid problem in a comprehensive manner. Although, it costs a bit more, it is worth paying the amount for getting rid of external hemorrhoids pain. The surgery involves various procedures which terminate the root cause of hemorrhoids. Depending upon the procedures applied, the surgery takes a little time ranging from a few hours to whole day. After this, the post-surgery period is important too. The patient must take necessary precautions in order to get healed up quickly.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure that the affected area is numb and hydrated until you go for the final treatment. This can be done with icing or taking a sitz bath. Just make sure that the ice cubes that you use are small in size and do not have any pointed corners or sharp edges. During the sitz bath, make sure that water is not too warm and not too cold to take a bath in. The patient can add a handful of Epsom salt or a few drops of Witch Hazel as they have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Make a schedule of icing or sitz bath every day for at least 10 to 12 minutes.

Eat Lots Of Fruits

In a case of external hemorrhoids, the pain is intense during the time of bowel movements. So, it is a good practice to eat lots of fiber-rich fruits in order to soften the stool. This reduces the pain to a remarkable extent. Also, drink lots of water to make the stool watery.

Overall, there are only surgical treatments that can help you to get rid of external hemorrhoids easily. The homemade treatments can only help you to reduce pain, itching and burning sensation, that too, temporarily.


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