How To Detect Hemorrhoids Symptoms Signs



hemorrhoids symptoms signs

There are various symptoms by which we can diagnose the problem of Hemorrhoids. It is a problem of swelling that appears in veins surrounding the rectal region. We know that it can be internal as well as external also. Internal Hemorrhoids can be a small size or medium size, and the basic symptom of it is rectal bleeding. A large internal hemorrhoid looks like a bag. On the other hand, the external one can be more painful.

Itching surrounding the rectal region is the main symptom of hemorrhoids. Many people have the complaint of itching, because of the leakage of fluid from the rectum. Internal, hemorrhoids don’t give more pain. And if there is swelling large piles are very painful. You can feel the stretching of veins around the anus. Another basic hemorrhoids symptom sign is excessive pain when remaining seated for an extended period of time. Sitting for long stretches can cause increased irritation and ache. Sometimes there are blood spots on the toilet seat, on the undergarments due to the anal bleeding. In case of anal bleeding, the blood is usually thick as a gel. It can be an alarming and painful condition and needs to be treated at the earliest. The patient feels tremendous pain during a bowel movement. There can be soreness near the anus. Eating excessive spicy foods can easily exacerbate the condition.

Normally in most cases, a lot of the actual victims fail to realize the fact that they are suffering from the condition of hemorrhoids, owing to lack of awareness of symptoms and we treat it as a normal bleeding or a normal swelling. Suffering from this problem is not just painful, but it is embarrassing too. The patient has to visit the doctor if the bleeding continues because if there is constant blood loss than it can lead to other complications associated with excessive blood loss. It can affect you in any stage of life even a child under 18 should refer to the doctor if any hemorrhoids symptom sign is detected.

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