How to Cure Hemorrhoids Fast



Hemorrhoids are the swelling in the veins inside the anus. Its second name is ‘piles.’ This problem is mostly common in all people. At the initial stage of Hemorrhoid, it can be cured at home. We just have to use some useful prevention and methods for this.

  • After every bowel movement, clean the anal region carefully

Wipe the surrounding area very softly so that there might not any further irritation to the skin.

  • Take bath of a warm water

Fill the bath tub with the Luke warm water. Sit in it for at least 15-20 minutes raising your knees. This position will facilitate more pressure on the anal area, and the warm water will kill the pain and soothe the area of irritation. We can also use the Epsom salt for a bath as it is helpful to shrink the hemorrhoids.

  • Use creams and ointments

Creams and ointments can cure Hemorrhoids fast. You can use corticosteroidbut with less doses to reduce the swelling around the anal area.

  • We can use aloe-Vera plant directly, and its gel both is the soft type of liquid.
  • White vinegar cal also used as a home treatment. It can help to reduce itching and burning. You can use it by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar.
  • Use warm wet teabags

There is tannin in the tea which is natural medicine. It can help to reduce the pain and swelling.

  • Use witch hazel

Soak a woolen ball and apply it on the swollen area. This is one of the effective tannin herbs.

  • Use ice pack

Cold water can decrease the bulge and pain. Set the pack on the area for at least 15 minutes. To get more relief we can use this method twice a day.

  • Wear cotton underwear

As a counter measure for this condition, we have to wear breathable fabrics. They are less irritating and softer than other fabrics.

Well it is not very serious but sometimes it can become an extremely painful condition and its prompt treatment is a must. With the above home treatments we can cure Hemorrhoids fast.

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