Hemorrhoid Treatment Cream


hemorrhoid treatment cream

Pick The Right Hemorrhoid Treatment Cream For Fast Relief

According to studies, 4 per cent of the total American population suffers from different stages of hemorrhoid; however, in most of the cases the condition is not very serious and can be cured with minimum precautions and alterations in the lifestyle. Rectal itching associated with pain and irritation is the most common symptoms of Hemorrhoid which can be treated with the help of over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatment cream. Apart from the creams, there are also other forms of medications like gels, foams, suppositories, and pads. Sorting through a vast range of hemorrhoid treatment preparations can be confusing, and all the medications might not be safe or equally effective for everyone. So, before using any of the formulations it is better, to take a recommendation from your doctor. Here, we will restrict our discussion on the creams available for treatment of external hemorrhoids.

Creams for treatment of hemorrhoids

Corticosteroid based creams:’ The compound hydrocortisone is a steroid with the capacity to reduce the itching sensation associated with hemorrhoids. Over the counter, preparations for the treatment of external hemorrhoids contain this steroid in a low concentration. The common hemorrhoid treatment creams with the composition are ‘ Cortizone-10 Anal Itch Cream, Preparation H Anti-itch cream Hydrocortisone, and TUCKS hydrocortisone Anti-itch ointment.

Local anesthetic: These preparations contain local anesthetic that numbs the local nerves and can provide temporary relief from the pain and itching. Products of this range include- Americaine Hemorrhoidal ointment, MediconeHemorrhoidal ointment, TornolaneAnestheticHemorrhoid cream, Superfinal and more. In most of these creams, benzocaine, dibucaine or pramoxine is used as an active ingredient, to bring in the numbing action.


There are particular precautions associated with these hemorrhoid treatment creams, and all of them might not be suitable for everyone. The steroid-based preparations should not be used continuously for more than a week as it can harm the soft skin near the anus. The local anesthetic creams should be used only for a few days as they can make the skin even more sensitive with continuous use. If you are suffering from other medical conditions, like blood sugar, you might need a different form of medication to get the best results. So before you start using any of the hemorrhoids treatment cream, it is best suggested getting a recommendation from your physician.


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