Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost


Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost

Hemorrhoid surgery is a way of treating hemorrhoid. This is a method of solving this problem more easily. This process is adopted when the hemorrhoids have not been cured with any home or natural treatments. There are various ways of hemorrhoid surgery treatment. Let us see how best the surgery cost could be accommodated.

Rubber Band Litigation

Litigation is a process of blocking a blood duct or a vessel in the body. A rubber band is tightly wound and is kept at the base of the growth. This is called a transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialisation or THD. There are many advantages of this method. It also has a 60% to 80% success rate. However, it has many disadvantages as it is extremely painful. It results in a lot of bleeding. At times, there could be breakage or slippage that could occur and could result in complications. At other times, there could be an anal fissure or an infection that could result due to this process. Usually, this process is found in stage four hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids, in this case, are cured in two months time. People usually use pain killers for pain, and there are chances of recurrence too. The cost of this treatment is $1,000 to $1500 for each treatment. There would be around 2 to 8 treatments.

Hemorrhoid dectomy

This is a process where there is a removal of the tissue in the hemorrhoids under surgery that is usually performed by a general surgeon. It is usually a colorectal surgeon, and he makes incisions in the tissue that surrounds the hemorrhoids. There is a swollen vein inside hemorrhoid that is tied off so that there is no bleeding. The hemorrhoid is tied up to stop the bleeding. The hemorrhoid is thus removed. The surgical wounds are stitched up and closed. There is medicated gauze, which helps to cover the wound. The surgery is usually done with a clinical pencil, a laser, or a scalpel. The cost of this surgery could be anywhere in the range of $1000 to $10,000.

The hemorrhoid surgery cost can be covered for the initial treatment. There could be a series of treatments so care should be taken care that there is no recurrence.

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  1. Thanks For sharing this nice information. This is really helpful for those who are actually suffering from hemorrhoids. This is a serious problem. But we can now deal with some natural treatments for hemorrhoids.


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