Hemorrhoid Home Remedy Garlic



The medical science has advanced to such a level that it has explored treatment for nearly every common illness including horrible hemorrhoids too. Unfortunately, most of the advanced treatment options are a bit costly to be accessible to the common man. Thanks to nature, we have an abundance of natural resources to fight this condition. This includes hemorrhoid home remedy garlic, plants and various herbs. Let’s have a brief look at what all options people have to treatment for hemorrhoids naturally in cost-effective ways.

Natural Medications

  • Garlic ‘ Garlic has been used for a very long time as the highly effective treatment for hemorrhoids. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure swollen cells and restore them to their original state. Just use heat two garlic cloves in a cup of water and cool it before applying on affected site.
  • Witch Hazel ‘ This is a natural herb which contains anti-inflammatory properties along with natural pain relievers. Hence, treatment with a few drops of its sap can heal the hemorrhoids, if used on regular basis.
  • Butcher’s Broom ‘ This is an herb which is available in the market in the form of tea, capsules, and liquid as well. Its anti-inflammatory properties help tissues in the hemorrhoid veins to get restored to their original state upon regular use.
  • Fruits ‘ Bioflavonoid fruits are the best natural pain reliever for hemorrhoids. These have fibers which soften the stool and make its movement fluent. Also, the bioflavonoid help in suppressing the swollen area near the anal duct by improving proper blood flow.

Other Treatments

Apart from the hemorrhoid home remedy garlic and natural medications, there are various other ways which can provide effective relief to the pain. For instance, the icing process numbs the affected area and allows cells to recover fast. This can be done by applying ice using soft cotton cloth or by soft tissue paper. Contrastingly, the warm water bath is effective too. Just sit in hot water tub for about 10 to 12 minutes with hip completely submerged. This improves the blood flow in the veins which nourish Totipotent Cells to heal hemorrhoid to its original state.


Overall, the occurrence of hemorrhoids is a serious trouble. But, it can be cured by using cost-effective hemorrhoid home remedy garlic, fruits, herbs and other natural processes.



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