Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally


How to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally


Hemorrhoids can be quite painful and can cause a serious problem in your personal and professional life. It is a complication that can make your life difficult as it is found in the anal region. There can be both internal and external hemorrhoid, but the treatment is possible both medically and naturally. In extreme cases, the hemorrhoid is removed entirely, but there are some remedies that can stop the progression of the problem and provide natural relief. You can also get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

Natural Remedies:

If you are suffering from hemorrhoid, there are several things at your home that can come to your rescue. Coconut oil can provide instant relief when you use it directly on the area. Apart from that, witch hazel can be used for its astringent properties. You can make a solution with it, and apply it with cotton. This can cure the problem over time. Aloe Vera gel or the extract of Aloe Vera can be used to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

Apart from the natural remedies, there are some useful tips which can incorporate, in your daily life, to get rid of pain or to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

  1. Alternative hot and cold compress can be quite effective to reduce swelling and the pain associated with it. A cold compress in the anal area for 10 minutes and then alternating it with a hot compress for 10 minutes can provide the best results.
  2. Changing the position of sitting in the toilet can be one of the best remedies. Squatting instead of sitting will reduce the pressure on the rectal muscles and can be extremely effective to treat hemorrhoid.
  3. When you have the condition it is suggested to treat it with caution so that it is not aggravated. Make it a point to pat dry the rectal area with a moist antibacterial toilet paper after passing stool rather than rubbing it. This can be immensely helpful to get rid of hemorrhoids

It is advised to visit a doctor if you have some sort of problem in your anal region, but trying these remedies along with medication, can provide quick relief.



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