Different Ways For Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy



Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant can be the dream of any married women but pregnancy needs extra care and consciousness. Generally, during pregnancy women go through various health complications, among which hemorrhoids are quite common, thus hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancybecomes quite essential.

What Is A Hemorrhoid

While suffering from hemorrhoid veins get swollen, itching and bleeding start. Hemorrhoids are quite painful; blood streaks in the stool are indicative of the disease. There are some factors responsible for the occurrence of this trouble. However, it is not the case that every pregnant woman would experience this condition; however in the scenario where this does occur, hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancyhas to be implemented at the earliest. It is also suggested that one should not sit for extensive periods of time as this could exacerbate the condition significantly.

To Lessen The Hemorrhoid Pain

Soak the tub in warm water. Secondly, the use of ice packs can also bring some relief to the hemorrhoid pain. Wipes which are pre-moistened could be the best option in comparison to dry toilet papers. As already mentioned prolonged sitting makes the symptoms worse. Hemorrhoid creams are also a good option as it soothes the intense pain. It is always advisable to seek doctor’s suggestion before going for any kind of treatment for hemorrhoids.


Commonly, it is known that constipation is responsible to a large extent for hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep yourself away from constipation that simply means one should take steps to avoid constipation. This can be easily achieved by making some small changes in your diet.

The hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancyneeds to be implemented on an urgent basis. You need to put special emphasis on the diet to cope with hemorrhoids and constipations. Stepping up the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended. Moreover, cereals, beans, whole grain chapattis are suitable. Mainly you can say that fiber diet is advisable to avoid hemorrhoids. Moreover the basic necessity of life- one should drink plenty of water to combat the condition. And last but not the least daily sitz bath can also prove to be an effective hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy.

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