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chocolate coin

Candies that are made from chocolate with the look and feel of coins are fondly called chocolate coins. This chocolate money can be made from dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. To add to the real money feel, this snack money is wrapped in silver or golden foil, with its flat side embossed with a pattern of symbols which real coins have. Many chocolate companies tailor make the chocolate coins for special events and occasions.
Their handy use in most of the traditional festivals has made them very popular. Halloween is one of such where chocolate money makes most of the rounds. For kids and grown up a gift of these melting monies is considered as a symbolic present of money. In order to make the gift attractive, you can give these chocolate coins in tight containers or tiny mesh bags. Children would love to have them. On Halloween, when kids in their ghost attire come calling, you can give these out and let them merrily pick as many as they want.
For the Chinese, their New Year festival is an important start to their year, which they mark by customarily gifting each other with coins to wish prosperity round the year. On these occasion children are delighted to receive Chocolate coins along with some real coins. So now you know, what to gift for the kids of your Chinese friends on their new year.

Chocolate coins have a special place in the Jewish culture too. They call this guilt, in their language and it’s a common practice among them to distribute Get it to their children and adults in their families on special occasions. They represent a token of wealth and money..
Chocolate coins have a great commercial lead as it can be used for advertising in events commemorating a significant achievement or a special day. Wrapping them in attractive gift wraps with a personalized message at weddings and other personal occasions adds an emotional appeal to the event. Chocolate coins are in fact available in a number of forms to suit all your occasion needs. You can customize your Coins with personalized messages, images and wrap them in foils with the color of your choice and order them in party favor bags, poker chip racks and treasure chests! Or you can make your favorite Chocolate coins at home with your family and enjoy the spirit.

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