A Glimpse On The Causes Of Hemorrhoids In Men



Hemorrhoids are the problem of swelling in veins inside the anus. It is also known as ‘piles.’ Around 75% of us are facing this problem. In the initial stage, it’s not a big issue but after that its treatment is must because as the time passes it can become dangerous for your life.

General causes of Hemorrhoids in men include constant pressure on the veins surrounding the anal region. During a bowel movement, if anyone sits for a prolonged period, there is more pressure on it. As we know that if there is constant pressure on any particular part of the body, it can cause slow blood flow. We don’t have to wear tight bottoms to protect us from ‘piles.’ Always wear cotton underwear because cotton is a breathable fabric and are softener than other fabric and less irritating too.

The second reason can be low fiber food and poor water intake. So to avoid this, we have to increase our fiber intake by eating apple, banana, orange, grains and drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Anal intercourse is another potential cause for this problem. Fat on the body can also be the cause of Hemorrhoids in men. People who eat excessive oily and spicy food may also have to face this problem. Intake of excessive spicy food can cause acidity and stomach disorders, which can lead to the same.

According to the doctors of U.S.A, the patients who have faced problems with the liver are also susceptible to hemorrhoids. Because if the liver is damaged, it adds more stress to the veins surrounding the rectal region. Food allergy can also lead to this problem. We always have to cleanse the area around the anus. Wetness and moisture can make the surrounding filthier. On the whole, if the above things are avoided, then we can protect us from Hemorrhoids. Just’ Wear loose cloths, drink more water, eat more fiber and’ a balanced diet, keep the surroundings clean then there can be fewer chances of acquiring this disease condition.

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