A Brief Account On Organic Chocolate


The concept of organic chocolate is very interesting and fast gaining popularity in this ‘GO GREEN’ world. The term ‘organic’ is more about the ingredients absent in a product rather than describing the ones that are there in it. Organic Chocolates refers to those chocolates which are devoid of chemical additives. Out of the various food crops in the world, cacao is unfortunately the most sprayed crops. Organic Chocolates use Cacao beans, which are grown and processed without the chemical aid. Organic chocolate is essentially an item produced in the United States under the norms of the National Organic Program.

Majority of chocolate production are based in the developing countries of the world where heavy doses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used for productivity. In fact, a large number of chocolate manufacturers shamelessly add artificial flavors and other preservatives to enrich the flavor and sweetness of the chocolate and also to extend the shelf life of the cocoa products. To make natural matters worse, these manufacturers use a dangerous technique of farming, which harms the environment by stripping topsoil of the land.

To level the equation, the producers of organic chocolate never use any chemicals while cacao beans are grown, fermented and processed. Artificial ingredients such as preservatives and flavoring agents never find a place in organic chocolates. They also follow a nature friendly farming technique which favors the environment. Organic chocolates are of more superior quality and hence very expensive. One of the most favored forms of organic chocolate is organic candy, with and without fruits. Interestingly, making of organic candy is much easier than one may know. Take a card box and chop off the upper flap; put an aluminum foil inside keeping the shiny side up. Keep two bricks on the base side by side which should fit the grate you are going to put above it. Keep a lamp on top where you took off the flap at least a foot away from the grate with the food and around eight inches away from the box walls in order to minimize fire hazards. Cut fruits into similar thin slices and thickness to dry them equal time. . Put them on the grate and turn on the lamp. Wait for at least 24 hours and

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